SolvCalc 2.‎0

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SolvCalc 2.‎0
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 The program SOLVCALC 2.‎0 is a user-friendly graphic interface software for calculating the ternary feldspar solvus and the equilibrium temperature of coexisting natural ternary feldspar pairs.‎ Six different thermodynamic models for ternary feldspar are incorporated into this program for both solvus calculations and thermometry.‎ An activity matching algorithm is used for the solvus calculations.‎ For the geothermometric calculations, an algorithm is used to search for the most concordant temperature by adjusting the feldspar compositions within chosen uncertainty.‎ SOLVCALC 2.‎0 can be used as both a research and teaching tool for comparing different models as well as for development of new ternary feldspar models.‎ It includes one user-defined model and the models of Elkins and Ghiorso (1984)‎, Green and Usdansky (1986)‎, Grove (1990)‎, Fuhrman and Lindsley (1988)‎, Lindsley and Nekvasil (1988)‎, Nekvasil and Burnham (1987)‎, for calculating ternary feldspar equilibria.‎ The calculation of SOLVCALC 2.‎0 can be conceptually divided into two main functions: SolvusCalc and ThermoCalc.‎ SolvusCalc calculates isothermal sections of the ternary feldspar solvus using any or all of the seven models (including the user-defined model) and plots the isotherms in the ternary feldspar system Ab-Or-An.‎ Given a pressure and a two-feldspar compositional pair, ThermoCalc searches for the closest matching tieline and the equilibrium temperature by adjusting the compositions within an uncertainty defined by the user.‎ This search may be conducted within an entire range of uncertainty or the user may fix one or more compositional values of the end members, thereby limiting the search range.‎ The tielines and uncertainty circles are then plotted in the ternary feldspar system Ab-Or-An.‎

The program runs on PC compatible computers with Windows 95 or NT.‎ A copy of SOLVCALC 2.‎0 is available from ftp//‎

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